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Explore how Codesphere helps them solve their challenges

Johannes Linowski
Johannes Linowski
Co-Founder & CTO

"Innovative approach and a very talented and hands-on team. A promising rising alternative to Vercel. Keep up the good work!"
Ben Uretzky
Ben Uretsky

"Software development nowadays comes with an increasing complexity and it is so much work for even getting simple things done. Tens of billions of dollars are spent on public clouds for highly complex solutions every year and too many people ignore that it will be simplification that will really unleash productivity at scale. Codesphere will thrive the productivity of every developer.”
Codesphere Earth Hero
Stephan Neubauer
Consultant / Researcher

"Working with the codesphere team for about a year now, very quick to start with and great developer experience. Bonus points for the amazing support"
Dion Almaer
Dion Almaer
VP Engineering

"DX is beyond what it seems; it’s not just about easily navigating the tool, but also accessing what you need at all stages of the journey quickly and efficiently. Developers deserve solutions as well designed as for non-technical people."
Marius Killinger

"The most efficient workflow for WebApps with literally no config!"
Moritz Zimmermann
Moritz Zimmermann

"Working with the codesphere team for about a year now, very quick to start with and great developer experience. Bonus points for the amazing support"
Johannes Hoetter
Johannes Hötter
Co-Founder & Data Engineer

"Big fan of Codesphere. Been using their web IDE in the early days, and excited about how simple deploying and testing scalable apps is via their solution!"
Emil Kabisch
Emil Kabisch
Product Manager

"Exciting stuff! I was able to test a beta version of their feature previews, where product managers I can easily review feature branches. Using Codesphere is going to speed up feedback cycles and development for product teams"
Adrian Clausing
Adrian Clausing
CEO & Founder
Böserkater.de Logo

"We basically doubled our return on ad spend overnight, thanks to Codesphere. Their support is really outstanding."

Explore Codesphere's capabilities

Flexible Load Balancing & Auto Scaling

Easily scale up or down to maintain smooth performance even during major traffic peaks. Read our blog article on how this enables our client Female Leadership Academy to host live streaming events with thousands of peoplehere.

Add servers / databases easily

No DevOps experience required

Autoscaling replicas (coming soon)

Preview Deployments

Speed up code and feature reviews, fully integrated with Github Actions. Deploys instantly, runs only when needed. This allows you to automatically deploy any pull request to a Workspace and access it via a preview URL. This is especially helpful for review processes in larger development teams. We are using this for our teams of ~30 developers.

  • Faster CI (<5s to deploy)

  • Preview links + WebIDE

  • Save costs

Staging Environments & 1-Click Deployments

Set up dedicated staging environments to test updates with a few clicks. Our 1-click, zero downtime deployment is 100% reversible if something goes wrong. This enables you to explore updates more freely, nurture a culture of experimentation and innovation and ultimately help you stay ahead of any competition.

A/B test just about anything

With Codesphere you can set up different versions of your shop with a few clicks. Our hosting allows you to compare any two versions of your shop. Simply create a copy of the code base, change the desired features, and select a workspace for hosting. Codesphere will automatically distribute your users randomly. Combine that with your existing tracking or analytics to compare how each version performs. The only remaining limit to what can be tested and improved is your imagination.

Load Balancing showcase
Preview deployments
Staging showcase
A / B testing showcase